Wedding Pies in Houston, TX as Cake Alternative

Picking Pies as Wedding Desserts

Marriage is about a lifetime commitment it is important that you keep an eye to every detals of the celebration. Wedding desserts nowadays are not just centered to cakes as most couples are gearing towards a much cheaper alternative. Yes, you can have wedding pies in Houston, TX as your dessert. There are hundreds of reasons why you should put pies on your wedding reception:

Could be arranged in tiers

Who says that you can’t have pies in tiers? Wedding pies are amazing like cakes because you can also layer them in 7 tiers. All you need to have is a creative frame stand that will make your pies look like cakes in layers.

No expensive

How much does your 7 tier cake will cost you? It will cost you around $1500 to $3000, right? If you have a budget constraint, you can’t be able to afford this kind of expensive dessert. So instead of getting a 7 tier cake, make sure that you replace it with pies that are readily available in the market. All you need to do is be creative on your presentation.


Pies could be accessorized with different flavors on its filling. Not only that, you can as well add some nuts on its crust or even powdery sugar. Base on scientific discoveries, putting nuts on pies, like the pecan pies, are very effective in order to fight cancer cells in one’s body. Pecan nuts are specifically good for neutralizing bad cholesterol in the human body; thus, preventing for the development of heart problems or the rise of high blood pressure. What more can you ask for if you already have cheaper dessert at the same time healthy-licous. Many wedding catering service offer pies that are healthier than those you can see in many cake bar.

There are different flavors of wedding pies in Houston, TX that you can place on your tables. Surprise your guests by being creative with your pies. If you are first time to do this, you can consult your bakers ahead of time.

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