Houston Texas, Delicious and Creative Wedding Cupcake Sprinkles

Colorful Sprinkles for Wedding Cupcakes

There are many kinds of sprinkles that you can find on top of cupcakes. They are brings, colorful and made from various flavors and designs. Sprinkles make wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX more interesting and festive that anyone who takes a look at these desserts will definitely want to have their share.

wedding cupcakes HoustonWhen one talk about sprinkles, the common image that will pop into our minds is the round, oblong and cylinder toppings found on top of the mini cupcakes Houston. On the other hand, there are many kinds of sprinkles that you can choose from. The following are the common kinds of sprinkles that are used for wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX:

The round sprinkles or otherwise known as nonpareils are the small, round balls that comes in one color or in the different colors of the rainbow. These kind of sprinkles dates back to the 18th century and means “without equal” in French.

Cylinder Sprinkles is another kind of sprinkle that has a cylinder shape. This is made by mixing paste and shaping it in long, skinny ropes. After which, it is being shaken so that the strands will break apart into small tubes that are then coated with glaze or wax in order to make them shine. This kind of sprinkle can come in a single color, multiple colors or even in chocolates when you buy in bakery in Houston TX.

A kind of confectionery with a hard outer shell that takes its name from a medicinal sugar coated pills is the dragée. Any garnish that is candy coated is considered to be a dragée. This kind of sprinkle can be edible or non edible.

Another kind of sprinkle is the sanding sugar which is type of crystal sugar that is translucent. This is available in many colors. Its grains are larger than the white sugar with the texture that is same as a glitter. When applied on cupcakes, it provides a light crunch.

These are some of the sprinkles that you can use for your wedding cupcakes in Houston, TX. Depending on your wedding theme, preferences and budget, you can be able to serve the best tasting cupcakes to your guests with delicious and festive sprinkles.

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