Dangers of Having a Crawfish Wedding Catering in Houston, TX

Why You Need Not to Consider Crawfish for Your Big Day?

Crawfish weddingWhen you are planning of your wedding catering, you should think twice before you get hold of your idea. Everyone knows that having a crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX is a fun idea for your event. However, you should know that there are so many possible dangers that this kind of food can affect your big day. Plus, it will surely ruin the whole event. You should know if your guests like to have this kind of menu for your wedding event. If not, you have to change the whole menu. Why? There are scary things that this kind of catering can bring to your wedding event that you probably don’t want to risk. Here are some of them:

Dangers of Allergies

If you serve crawfish on your wedding catering, you do not know if your guests have allergies on seafood like this or not. You should better consult your guests first or you can consider a safer menu for your wedding day. You can choose to have veggie wedding catering than crawfish because you don’t know how allergies can attack anytime. You might have your first aid kit but, you still have to be careful especially on the menu. So make sure that you think very well on the catering before serving them on the big day.

Dangers of Undercooked Crawfish

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the dangers of undercooked crawfish. Some caterers can be very careless on cooking these types of menu and it can really endanger your health. If you eat raw or undercooked crawfish, you will likely get a human paragonimiasis disease. This is a type of sickness that will give you fever that will last more than 2 months and a difficulty in your body as well. If you want to avoid these on your wedding event, you have to change the menu and avoid crawfish, www.bbscafe.com/best-crawfish-houston-tx/.

Not Appropriate for Children to Eat

Why should you not consider crawfish wedding catering in Houston, TX? Well, children won’t definitely like it. They would prefer to have some spaghetti or lasagne in their plates. Crawfish isn’t easy to eat because you need to smash them, crank them and crack them. Children will find it a waste of their precious time to play on the reception and difficult as well. So if you want to have the easy menu on your wedding, you can consider anything than having crawfish. So be careful on choosing menus for your upcoming wedding day in order to avoid difficulty and dangers of eating certain foods.

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