Best Designs of Wedding Cookies in Rustic Weddings in Houston TX

Wedding Cookies for Rustic Weddings

wedding cookiesIf you want to serve wedding cookies in your rustic wedding, you will need to look for the appropriate designs for your wedding cookies in Houston TX. You will also need to make sure that the packaging of your wedding cookies or how you place these wedding cookies in the dessert table should blend in with the theme. Rustic wedding are usually done outdoor and the dominant colors are green, brown and orange. The usual decorations are wild flowers, mosses and weeds. The whole setting though it is indoors should involve twigs or branches to give a very outdoor feel.

Rustic wedding cookies in Houston TX should look homemade or not too perfect to fit the setting of the outdoors. The cookie decoration might be simple but what matters would be the packaging.

You can adorn these cookies with white sheet or pack them in white cloth. You can also put them in native baskets with simple ribbons tied around. You can also use a birch cookie stand where you will just spread your simple peanut or chocolate chip cookies that the guests could just grab as they pass.

You can also wrap three to four cookies in a doily and tie it up with a silver or gold ribbon. This could be made as wedding favors or simple gift packs for the guests. You can also combine the cookies with other wedding favors and pack them together in a simple egg tray that will assort them. You can paint or decorate the egg trays to make it look amazing. You can also make use of recycled goods and try to remake them in your packaging. You will not need to worry about spending a lot of money; you just have to be resourceful and creative or visit for ideas.

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