The Advantages of Hiring a Caterer in Houston, TX in a Traditional Cajun Wedding

Catering a Cajun Wedding

wedding catering1Upon hearing the word ‘wedding’, what comes up in your mind instantly is a woman in her long white gown and veil and a man in his bespoke suit. You could have remembered as well the wedding portrait hanging on your house. Other things that may come to mind include an aisle full of flower petals, couple cutting the wedding cake and the bride tossing the bouquet. These are fun moments and traditionally observed at wedding receptions.

All over the world, a wedding is a rite of passage and it can be celebrated in different ways depending on where you are from and what culture or tradition you observe. One of the wedding traditions that were somehow shifted because of time and new trends is the Cajun wedding of the popular Louisianans. Cajun weddings are popular for great party, good wine and great food. If you happen to attend a Cajun wedding, you must not be surprised when the Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX because it is normal for them.

Traditionally, the food in Cajun weddings are prepared homemade by the bride’s family. However, because of the trends, many have decided to hire a Cajun wedding caterer instead. You can still serve the traditional gumbo with fresh chicken in a spicy brown soup served with rice. If you want to keep the traditional dishes but do not have enough manpower and time to take care of cooking and preparing, a Cajun wedding caterer is definitely a great solution, visit here

Cajun is really popular when it comes to food. There is never a wedding celebration without lots of Cajun treats. The first impression of many people with Cajun food is ‘spicy’. On the other hand, the best way to describe Cajun cuisine is rather well seasoned than peppered.

As mentioned earlier, Cajun dishes for wedding are typically prepared by the great cooks in the family. On the other hand, the traditional and authentic taste and style of Cajun dishes can still be achieved even when hiring a caterer. You just need to make sure that the chef is specializing in Cajun dishes to ensure it meets your standards.

When you are hiring a Cajun wedding caterer, you must not forget to prepare and serve the popular crawfish etoufee. This Cajun dish is cooked to perfection in order to achieve that thick stew and delicious crawfish. Sometimes, shrimp is used in alternative to crawfish depending on the season. This is also served over rice, similar with gumbo but with a different flavor.

It is great to introduce the common dishes you enjoy within the family to your other guests at the wedding. While it is good to observe the tradition, especially preparing them on your own, it is quite impossible now in this time and age. It won’t hurt to hire a company of Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX to help you with your celebration. You can serve the traditional dishes you want for your wedding with less stress.

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