Testifying a Lifetime Commitment: 10 Trues About Marriage After Wedding

Marriage is the unification of a couple in order to become one. For most couples, this is the most memorable moment of their lives. The “I Do’s” should be treasured until the last breath but for some couple, marriage is always a struggle in order to keep it. Sometimes, things could go worse especially in a couple’s marriage.

Marriage is about a lifetime commitment, but for some, the journey has ended too soon due to mishaps that lead to divorce. But for couples who are happily living together, marriage after wedding is a special celebration. Marriage could be celebrated again during memorable dates like anniversary. Marriage that has survived the test of different situations is actually a strong and not-easy-to-shake relationship.  It is always a pleasant sight to see an old couple, despite wrinkled by time, still continues to love each other.

These points could help you watch out for your own relationship and how to keep the family intact no matter what happens.

Below are the 10 trues about marriage after wedding that you must know. 

1.   When love is fresh, everything seems to fall into the right places. Later on, there will be one major disagreement that you two should need to confront. That disagreement might be a threat to the relationship so be ready. Try to understand and accept things in order to avoid hurting each other.

2.   When you have married someone, you cannot just change the behaviour or beliefs of your partner. The only thing that you could do is to adjust and understand. The most painful part is you change your self just to please someone.

3.   When it comes to finances, you must not believe your husband if he will say you no longer needs to worry about money. You still have to work and earn so that you will have something to use just in case anything happens. Be wise and compassionate.

4.   Marriage does not mean you will no longer be lonely. Sometimes, you can also feel emptiness if you do not see your close family members, friends and relative. It is nice to have a connection with your family after marriage.

5.   After wedding, you will know everything about your partner, good and bad. It is the time that you will discover each other’s secret. If you have any, it is time to spill the beans early for acceptance.

6.   It is also the phase wherein you will have the most fun times in your life especially when you already have kids. Life is different compared to your single days wherein you could just go crazy anytime due to new people in your life.

7.   When deciding for serious things in life, you must consult each other first. Because you have chosen each other as partner in life, the decision should be consensus from the both of you or else it will be biased. This is to avoid blaming each other in the long run.

8.   For a certain love to become stronger, it is also a matter of trade off. It is a necessity that you should deal with.

9.   External factors could serve as a challenge to both of you. Make sure that you both try to regulate when dealing with this or else this could be a cause of a rift or unfaithfulness.

10.   The most important thing is you should not forget the first time you have connected to each other. It will always remind the both of you how you fell in love.

These 10 trues about marriage after wedding will serve as your guide as you traverse the road to your marriage. For a relationship to work out, it needs two feet in order to stand and to take a leap.